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REACH and CLP General Helpdesk

This section includes files and folders providing first-hand information on REACH and CLP: legislative texts, the European Chemicals Agency Guidance and Q&As, IMA-Europe step-by-step tutorials for REACH registrants and CLP notifiers.

Industrials Minerals Identification

This section includes harmonised Identity Cards (ID cards) for industrial minerals, developed within IMA-Europe according to the relevant guidance document drafted by the European Commission. These allow harmonisation and consistency within the sector of registration dossiers and information to be included in the Safety data Sheets. A list of EINECS and CAS numbers for industrial minerals and related substances is also provided.

Industrial Minerals Health & Safety Information

This section includes harmonised Safety Data Sheets developed within IMA-Europe, classification and labelling information for industrial minerals as well as relevant H&S information in order to meet the REACH requirement for manufacturers or importers of substances to share and provide Health and Safety information either to their downstream users and / or to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

Crystalline silica (respirable)

This chapter contains information on the status of crystalline silica (quartz and cristobalite) under REACH and on the classification and labelling of respirable crystalline silica.
More information at www.crystallinesilica.eu  

SIEF's & Consortia for Industrial Minerals

Details on SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Forum) and Consortia established for Industrial Minerals are available here. These will be created under REACH to facilitate the pre-registration and when necessary the registration process for REACH, as the regulation provides that importers, manufacturers and if required downstream users will be gathered within SIEF for pre-registration, and Consortia for registration.


List of REACH-related events regularly organised by the various authorities and organisations involved in REACH implementation, including IMA-Europe

Useful Links

A list of links to the websites of relevant actors is included in this section.

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